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The Music Palace

Facing the Grand Canal, witnesses testify to the building of this noble Venetian Palace around the 15th Century and to the authenticity of the Venetian Byzantine elements dating from the 12th and 13th centuries.

Three staterooms adorn the Gran Canal, these were enriched in the first half of the 1700s by the works of artists whose fame and importance are still recognised today. The works of the painters G.B. Tiepolo, Fontebasso and Mingozzi the stucco decorators Campoforo Mazzetti.

Now, the Palace is a building dedicated to music, with concerts and melodies, for a romantic wedding.

The palace’s ‘piano nobile’ extends to 660 square metres and comprises three saloons overlooking the Grand Canal: the Tiepolo Room, the central hall, a bedroom decorated in stucco by Fontebasso; the great double room with its alcove, the consecrated Gentilizia Chapel, bathrooms and kitchen. The Palace is fully furnished in the most delightful Venetian Baroque style.





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