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Wedding Proposal

We are now telling you the wedding proposal we arranged for Marco…

Marco and Anna did a romantic gondola ride to the Venice canals with a musical duet accompaniment.

In this romantic scenario, at the end of the ride, the gondolier goes through the Canal Grande (Grand Canal) approaching Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square). At a certain point, when in front of the fantastic Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sights), we make a banner roll down from it. It reports the inscription: “Anna, do you want to marry me?”

A cascade of rose petals falls on them and Anna remains wordless.

Can you imagine your beloved’s astonishment and happiness when she realizes you’ve organized everything for her?

Your girlfriend will feel unique and special. A wedding proposal in Venice is a privilege a few women can enjoy.



Our process of planning of your wedding proposal focuses on three main steps: design, organization and coordination

Using this approach, we are able to make the unique elements of your love story be part of the wedding proposal which will become an unforgettable surprise!



We meet or we have a phone call in order to talk about your future bride, her character, your love story and your idea about the wedding proposal.



Thanks to the information you give to us, we are able to think about the perfect wedding proposal for you!

We present to you a unique and personalized project for your wedding proposal. We’ll define together every details so that everything can be unique per perfect.



In order to organize the event, we recruit some experts: professional musicians, flower designers, luxury means of transport and, of course, the ring. Nothing is left to chance.



Sit down and relax. Our team of experts is behind the scenes, we take care of every detail. Now is your moment: “Do you want to marry me?”.








About Love...

" The love we give away is the only love we keep. "

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