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Who the Wedding Planner is

The Wedding Planner is a professional, full of creativity, the director of the whole wedding.

The figure of the Wedding Planner was born in the USA and then arrived to Italy where it is now spreading rapidly and it is becoming a fundamental support during a wedding organization.

The idea that the Wedding Planner organizes only important marriages in villas or opulent castles is far from reality. Nowadays a Wedding Planner organizes every kind of wedding affordable to everyone, with no limits on the number of guests and on the assigned budget. The couple can rely on the Wedding Planner for any service related to the wedding organization or even for only a few of them.

Patience, promptness in problem solving, ability to manage stressing situations, timeliness and a lot of creativity are the main characteristics of a good wedding planner.

The requested qualities to offer a good service to customers are transparency and accuracy in each phase of the wedding. The bride and groom rely on the Wedding Planner in order to deal with suppliers and to solicit the corresponding invoices for all the expenses; she will also have to ask the permission for extra-budget expenses.