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Wedding anniversary on a gondola, wedding vows renewal Venice

Wedding vows renewal ceremony on a gondola, Venice and its romantic canals

000 wedding anniversary in venice italy


Wedding vows renewal on a gondola, symbolic ceremony in Venice

Venice, a gondola and a wedding anniversary to celebrate. On the 26th March, Melissa and Joe landed in the ever romantic Italy and there, collaborating with Brilliant Wedding Venice, they celebrated the renewal of their wedding vows, being cradled by the lagoon waves. They lived an idyll where the only guests (and witnesses) were the feelings they prove one for the other.

In twenty years’ time presidents fall and rock bands, some of which will leave a mark, emerge. In twenty years’ time governments alternate and sport champions retire. In twenty years’ time generations take turns and fashions reintroduce the glory of the past at its best. In twenty years’ time millions of relationships are born and die. But they are still together. They still want to be together. Twenty years after their wedding, Joe and Melissa gave themselves a fascinating trip to Venice to celebrate the renewal of their wedding promises in the sacrality of a church.

There is a mackerel sky that morning. Some seagulls watch the sea from the comfortable top of a “briccola” (a large wooden pole used to mark the navigable channels through the lagoon). Its look is attentive and concentrated, ready to soar towards the water to get a tasty snack. Joe and Melissa are ready to get on the gondola. Today is their anniversary and they came to Venice to celebrate. They are both very elegant. He is wearing a grey suit and a purple tie and skirt. A white carnation on the left button hole gives him a determined but gentle look.

Melissa is the triumph of sweetness. A fine crown of little white flowers just beneath her hair makes her appear like a queen on a trip as much as a teenager desperately in love. Both things are actually true. She carries in her hands a bouquet of white roses. With them on the gondola there is a violinist that accompanies every moment of the renewal of their vows. They leave from Saint Mark’s Square and they come back at the same place to head into the church later.

In the heart of Venice, along those canals that never stop attracting tourists and fascinating artists and poets, Melissa gives her lovely hand to Joe. Joe lovingly puts a flower-shaped ring on her finger. She returns the gesture with a more classical wedding ring. They are in Venice to celebrate the 20th birthday of their love story. They kiss and kiss again. They smile. They are happy. It’s evident. The wedding planners that organised the anniversary in Venice, thanks to the complicity of Saint Mark’s Basilica to create the perfect background, are fully satisfied. This is not just their job. This is a way to leave a mark on two lovely people's hearts.

They abandon water. Joe and Melissa show up at Saint Mark’s Basilica with its artistic treasures. The bell tower and the columns of the Doges Palace are cuddling them. They observed so many love stories, but this one seems to be blessed by a gentle stroke. When they join their hands, the number of their fingers correspond to the number of years spent together. The 20th anniversary is a real special moment. They sit at the Florian Café for a short break.

The cool breeze can be felt now. The emotions can warm up but the body has its need that must be satisfied, too. Melissa wears a jacket until they go back to the hotel. But the willingness of continuing that special day is there and is visible. Joe and Melissa enjoy the green of the private garden. In the reflection of the Venetian lagoon the memory of this day is still floating and sailing. A private party and exclusive for two people only. A man and a woman that twenty years ago formed a marriage union and, today, in Venice, celebrated their anniversary.




Ph: Andrea Lacchin

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