Wedding Planner Venice

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to renew our wedding vows: can you help me to organise the ceremony?

Sure, many couples choose to celebrate their anniversaries by renewing their wedding vows in one of the most romantic city of the world.

The ceremony for the renewal of the promises will be tailored on your needs and we will help you planning your wedding day once again.

2. Can we choose the words to pronounce during the ceremony? Which is the language of the rite?

Concerning the civil ceremony, according to the Italian law, the common wedding sentences have to be pronounced but you can add your personal promises during the exchange of vows.

The civil ceremony is in Italian and i twill be translated by one of our interpreter in your mother tongue.

To make it very special, your relatives and friends could add a short speech after exchanging the wedding rings.

Concerning the religious ceremony, the bride and groom can be active part of the ceremony if the priest agrees.

The religious ceremony in the church can be in English if the priest is available.

Relatives and friends can be active part of the ceremony by singing and reading to make the ceremony special and personal.

3. Could you help us to find rooms for our guests?

Sure, we will help you in all your requests; we will provide rooms in luxury or budget hotels, family apartments or rooms in historic palaces; we will help you to find the right location for your guests according to your budget.

4. Can we get in touch? How can we work with you from our city?

Our spouses, the nearest and the furthest, will be followed step by step. We can get in touch by email, phone, Skype, Facebook and through other social networks.


We think that all the details must be written down and that the best thing should be to meet in person to understand your ideas and tastes and which type of wedding you have in mind; but if you are very far and this is not possible, you don’t have to worry!

We will coordinate all your wedding from a distance, exchanging all the necessary emails, we will always be available on the phone and through Skype for all of your needs.

5. We do not have a high budget, we would like an intimate ceremony with the dearest relatives: could you help us to organise our wedding?

Sure, there is no problem, we plan personalised weddings tailored on your needs.

A small wedding can be much more intimate: we will personalize it in the basis of your budget and we will take care of any detail, to make unique your special day.

6. We are worried about the necessary documents: could you help us?

Don’t worry, choose your wedding date and leave the rest ot us.


We will give you the list of all the required documents, you will send us them all and once received we will bring them directly to the consulate, the Town Hall or the Church by checking that all the administrative procedures are properly handled.

7. How much time in advance do we have to book our wedding?

One year is a reasonable booking time foran important wedding with many guests while for a smaller wedding four or five months could be enough.

Please remember that we receive requests overall for the weekends, so it is easier to get married during weekdays.

Concerning the period, May June and September are the most requested; if you can choose, please consider to get married in a moment of the year less common to be sure to find available hotels and wedding venues.

8. Why getting married with the help of Brilliant Wedding Venice?

Because we are a small group of passionate people enthusiastic about their work.

We are neither a tour operator nor a travel agency, we are specialized in organizing weddings and events in the marvelous city of Venice.

It means that we do not offer standard packages for the bride and groom, but that every wedding we plan is personalized, unique, tailored on your requests: no wedding is like any another.

Furthermore, we have grown up and we live and work in Venice so we personally check all the services.

9. Is it difficult getting married in Venice?

Not with the help of Brilliant Wedding Venice!

We are born and have grown up in the city of Venice and we are well aware that planning a wedding far from your home is very hard; for such reason we will take care of you since the beginning by giving you all the information on the documents you will have to prepare, by selecting and coordinating the best suppliers suited for your needs.

Knowing the city and the suppliers, we will help you to realize what you wish with affordable prices.

10. Why getting married in Italy, in the city of Venice?


There is no place in the world comparable to the magic and romantic atmosphere of Venice for getting married.

Venice is a city full of art, culture, music and delicious food; we will make your wedding unique and unforgettable with the charm of the Italian traditions.

Venice with its intertwined canals and the ancient bridges presents a scenery unique in the world and a perfect background for your wedding pictures!

Getting married in Venice is not only a unique event, definitely unforgettable for your family and your friends, but it will also let you spend your wedding days and a marvelous holiday at the same time.

You don’t have to worry if you have never been there, just let us know and we will provide you with all the information you need to live the city at best.