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Luxury Hotels in Venice - Location 1

What better place to celebrate your marriage than in the pure elegance of a Venetian Palace style hotel.

The façade onto the Grand Canal connects the history and beauty of this Byzantine building, giving it a unique and timeless atmosphere. 

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Luxury Hotels in Venice - Location 2

The magic and atmospheric charm of this hotel allows the beauty of Venice to be captured under one roof. Overlooking the Grand Canal, and magnificent views of the Santa Maria Della Salute Church and the Island of San Giorgio

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Luxury Hotels in Venice - Location 4

Venetian Palazzetto

Situated on the heart of the Grand Canal, the Venetian Palazzetto reflects all the characteristics of Venetian beauty.

It is a venue that holds an ambience of warmth and elegance, and can only fill you with anticipation as you are led up to the finely decorated main hall. 

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Luxury Hotels in Venice - Location 5

Luxury at its finest….and it’s right here in Venice.

This Palace Hotel displays the finest style in décor, beauty, and mood, and what better way to experience the beauty than to host your unique wedding reception or special event here. 

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