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Hindu ceremony in Italy - Indian wedding of Allyson and Sanjay Hiranandani

Hindu ceremony and luxury Indian wedding celebration in Venice, Italy. Welcome to the magical marriage world of Allyson and Sanjay Hiranandani.

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Italy is increasingly the wedding destination for couples from around the world. Let’s travel in the Hindu ceremony and in the Indian wedding of Sanjay and Allyson Hiranandani.

The fairy tale Indian wedding in Italy of Allyson and Sanjay Hiranandani  is something unique and original for Venice, the wedding planners of Brilliant Wedding Agency organized the whole wedding in every detail with attention in the organization of the services from the arrival of the guests at the airport with booking private boats, accommodation in their hotels , the Indian ceremony, the reception with typical Indian food to the entire realization of the day with elegant flowers decorations, a real dream come true.

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12nd of October, 1492: a Genoese sailor named Christopher Columbus reached the Americas, at the time called West Indies, for the first time. Several centuries later, on the same day, Allyson Brown and Sanjay Hiranandani have taken the reverse route to join in marriage with a Hindu ceremony in Italy. They left from the state of New York to reach the ancient Maritime Republic of Venice. Both from the United States, the husband of Indian origin. In fact, his family is originating from Mumbai.

To find the origins of the love story of Allyson and Sanjay, we must return to the beginning of this year, in the city of Rochester, the seat of Monroe County (New York). After a opera concert, the lady decided to stop at a popular lounge restaurant. It is there, when she were deep in her thought and in her laptop, that she saw for the first time the man that soon will become her boyfriend. Despite Sanjay was in the room with some friends, he was kidnapped by Allyson, and so he went to meet her. The two began to talk and soon they find out that they have very much in common. It was love at first sight and so it was decided that on February 14, Valentine's Day, they had their first date. It was "pretty good" and less than eight months after, they were on another continent to swearing eternal love. There's more. Between the first date and the wedding there is an important stage in the middle. A step without which no one could understand why they choose Venice. Yes, sure, it is the most romantic city in the world. Yes, they had already come together in Venice and for sure they have had good memories. Yeah, but what kind of memories?  Many, but one more special than the others: in Venice Allyson discovered herself to be pregnant. Once back in the United States, as a good guy that he is, Sanjay asked her to marry him and once he had the most sweet answer, they immediately thought of Venice as the ideal setting for their future marriage. And so it was.

Venice, October 12nd, 2015. Now is the great day. In the famous gardens of the Cipriani Casanova Hotel (Giudecca Island), at one pm there was a Hindu ceremony. Before it starts, as usual, the groom's family welcomed the arrival of the bride on the speedboat. At that point the two families moved in the green landscape of the hotel and began the Hindu ceremony.

The traditional dressing of the bride seems almost a set of Bollywood: bracelets, henna, incense. The bride walks with a wreath of yellow and red flowers, under a purple veil. There were cocktails during the ceremony, fruit juice (raspberry, orange), soft drinks and the cold lassi, all accompanied by Indian specialties: samosa (peas and potatoes in pastry), chicken, shrimp or fried calamari with chickpea flour, individual or all together; vegetarian pakoras (fried vegetables with chickpea flour); papadam (crispy little pies of lentil flour); raita (yogurt with vegetables, tomatoes and cucumbers) and yogurt. After the ceremony there is a change of location: they transfer on the Cips Terrace to enjoy the lagoon, drinking a few cocktails (Prosecco, various fruit juices) and eating a selection of mini sandwiches (with salmon, vegetables, cucumbers, eggs, etc.) and the typical Italian classic bruschetta with tomato and garlic. And to top it off, fresh fruit skewers.

After many "congratulations" and shots with friends and family, it's finally the time to enjoy a bit of blissful wedding solitude: the classic photo shoot with a long break in the romantic island of San Giorgio then, abandoned the modern engine, the two lucky ones moves on the boat symbol of the Serenissima. The wedding gondola, moored in San Marco, awaits them. The two gondoliers in white livery are ready to accompany the couple in this intimate journey along the Grand Canal. Stroke after stroke, they pass under the Bridge of the Academy and they continue until Rialto, then they reverse the course and go back to get off in front of the the imposing Basilica of Health. The first intense flares of night have already widely knocked in this October 12, 2015. Sanjay and Allyson walk without anyone else around. Allyson and Sanjay dance. They walk the grand staircase of the church that Venice built for Virgin Mary, to pray her to stop the terrible epidemy that struck the city. No pain  in the present of  the couple. They walk. Just enough time to see the gondola stop a few seconds in the heart of the San Marco basin. An emotional postcard before rejoining their loved ones and start the expected Welcome Cocktail and dinner.

Again is the sumptuous Hotel Cipriani the setting of the party. Location of the Welcome Cocktail where the foundations, opposite to the lagoon. Rossini (fresh strawberry juice and Prosecco) alternated with appetizers with raw tuna and onion, and gradually other small delicacies just to prepare the palate for the dinner indoors, in the Tizian Room of the same hotel complex. An Arabian Nights atmosphere. A tall candlestick with five candles on each table. White tablecloths. Elegant centerpieces. A single large table horseshoe. One big family united at the table of love, on which are landed delicacies prepared by chefs of the (Indian) Ganeshi Restaurant: the Vegetable Samosa with assorted pakora, then the Mattar Paneer, the Malai Kofta, chana masala, Sag Paneer , Biryani with vegetables, basmati Long, classic Nan, matzo bread and dessert, mango kulfi & gulab jamon. Obviously the wedding cakes, these further special. On each of them there are two elephants with a heart. A last taste of sweetness in Indian style for this first immortal day in the shared life of Allyson and Sanjay.

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